Brothers Legends & Friends

Ronnie Miller | Format: Audio CD
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Featured Vocalists: Charley Pride ♦ Vince Gill ♦ Daryle Singletary ♦ Laney Hicks ♦ Billy Martin

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Song Titles

1. Sawed Off Shotgun
(Rocky Caple) (BMI)

2. A-11
Vocals: Daryle Singletary
(Hank Cochran) (BMI)

3. Look at Us
(Max D. Barnes, Vince Gill) (BMI)
Vocals: Vince Gill

4. I Can See Clearly
(Johnny Nash) (ASCAP)

5. Conway Twitty-John Hughey Medley
Vocals: Daryle Singletary
Includes excerpts from:
Hello Darling (Conway Twitty) (BMI)
Fifteen Years Ago (Raymond Smith) (BMI)
Next in Line (Wayne Kemp / Curtis Wayne) (BMI)
I Love You More Today (L. E. White) (BMI)
To See an Angel Cry (Carlton Haney / Conway Twitty / L.E. White) (BMI)
How Much More Can She Stand (Harry Compton) (ASCAP)

6. Spinning Wheel
(David Clayton-Thomas) (BMI)

7. Cry Cry Cry
(Shirley Wood) (BMI)
Vocals: Laney Hicks

8. Lost in the Feeling
(Lewis Anderson) (BMI)
Vocals: Daryle Singletary

9. What a Fool Believes
(Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins) (ASCAP)

10. What a Way to Live
(Willie Nelson, Hank Craig) (BMI)
Vocals: Billy Martin

11. Steelin’ Corn
(Norm Hamlet, Roy Nichols) (BMI)

12. Charley Pride Medley
Vocals: Charley Pride
Includes excerpts from:
Mountain of Love (Harold Kenneth Dorman) (BMI)
The Snakes Crawl at Night (Fred Burch /Mel Tillis) (BMI)
Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Ben Peters) (BMI)
Just Between You and Me (Lee Cathy / Jack Clement / Jack Keller) (BMI)
Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (Doris Clement / Jerry Crutchfield/ Don Robertson) BMI/ASCAP)
I’m So Afraid of Losing You Again (Dallas Frazier / A. L.. Owens) (BMI)
All I Have to Offer You (Dallas Frazier / A. L. Owens) (BMI)
Wonder Could I Live There Anymore (Bill Rice) (ASCAP)
Kaw Liga (Fred Rose / Hank Williams) (BMI)

Brothers Legends & Friends is Ronnie’s first steel guitar instrumental album. It is dedicated to John Hughey.

Produced by Ronnie Miller
Recorded by Jeff McLeod at McLeod Audio Services – Flower Mound, TX
Mixed and Mastered by Greg Cole at The Cole Mine Studio – Smyrna, TN
Charley Pride appears courtesy of Music City Records

Ronnie Miller: Steel Guitar
Ron Jones: Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Derek Spigener: Drums/Percussion
Reginald Rueffer: Fiddle
Danny Hutchins: Piano
Billy Martin: Electric Guitar on Charley Pride Medley
Terry Downs: Electric Guitar on Steelin’ Corn
Kenny Vaughan: Electric Guitar on Sawed off Shotgun
Scott Moody: Piano
Jerry (Boo) Massey: Electric Guitar
Steve Howard: Trumpet

Background Vocalists:
Danny Hutchins
Dawn Sears
Ronnie Miller
Billy Martin
La Donna Brewer – Capps

Art Direction & Design: Terry Downs
Photography: Todd Pickens

Background information on each track:

1 SAWED OFF SHOTGUN – This is a Rocky Caple tune from the original Pridesmen instrumental album. It features the Pridesmen and Kenny Vaughan. Ronnie plays this at the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree every year.

2 A-11 – Ronnie’s instrumental version of the Johnny Paycheck version. Daryle Singletary sings on this one.

3 LOOK AT US – This Vince Gill classic had John Hughey playing a pivotal role in the song with his steel guitar. Ronnie puts his spin on the classic as an instrumental, with Vince Gill singing part of the song with him.

4 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW – Ronnie’s instrumental version of the Johnny Nash favorite, inspired by Lloyd Green.

5 CONWAY TWITTY – JOHN HUGHEY MEDLEY – The medley was assembled by Ronnie to pay tribute the all those great steel licks played by John Hughey on the Conway Twitty hits. Daryle Singletary sings on this medley.

6 SPINNING WHEEL – Ronnie’s instrumental version of this Blood Sweat & Tears classic. It is quite unique for a steel guitar application.

7 CRY CRY CRY – Ronnie’s instrumental version of the Connie Smith hit. Laney Hicks sings on this one.

8 LOST IN THE FEELING – This is a Conway Twitty song that had more steel guitar on it than any I ever heard. John Hughey was the original player. Of course being a huge fan of John Hughey, Ronnie has included it as an instrumental with a few lines sang by Daryle Singletary.

9 WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES – Another truly unique steel guitar instrumental version of the Doobie Brother’s smash hit.

10 WHAT A WAY TO LIVE – Ronnie’s instrumental version of the Johnny Bush favorite. Billy Martin sings on this song.

11 STEELIN’ CORN – This instrumental is from Merle Haggard’s Strangers instrumental album. It is a steel guitar/electric guitar harmony track originally recorded by Roy Nichols and Norm Hamlett. Terry Downs transcribed the guitar and steel guitar notes and included it on “The Guitar Styles of Roy Nichols” guitar instructional DVD. Ronnie had always loved that song and has included it here with Terry Downs playing the guitar part.

12 CHARLEY PRIDE MEDLEY – The medley was assembled by Ronnie to pay tribute the all those great steel licks played by Lloyd Green and others on the Great Charley Pride hits. Charley Pride sings on this medley.

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